Key Professions associated with the signs of the zodiac

Key Professions associated with the signs of the zodiac

Astrology helps us to discover and mirror ourselves in personality characteristics, destination scenes, tastes, knowledge, skills. And what we choose as a profession or vocation, is directly related to the energies of the signs that make up our natal chart, with the mission we come to develop in the society we inhabit. 

These are the professions associated with each of the twelve energies of the zodiac.


Explorer, sculptor, dentist, warrior, firefighter, pioneer, inventor, mechanic, motorist, sportsman, boxer, businessman, surgeon, butcher.

Aries feels very good in sports fields, in situations that involve body dexterity or require encouragement to take risks. Spaces where adrenaline circulates, where it is necessary to make vertiginous decisions. Most Career Astrology Predictions are made to begin processes – not to sustain or wait – and they feel at ease in places that require creativity, innovation, and trouble. 


Cook, masseuse, beautician, image consultant, plastic artist, potter, farmer, landowner, businessman, financier, investor, a banker.

They are specialists in those areas where it is necessary to capture totalities. The spaces where it is essential to know how to observe to discover and respect the appropriate times for each action. Economic areas and land that provide security and economic gains through heavy and natural processes: construction, field, livestock, ranches or businesses. Also, spaces where you work with aromas, beauty, flavors, and tastes. 


Business traveler, journalist, broadcaster, translator, interpreter, bookseller, seller, merchant, publicist, public relations, communicator, short story writer, lawyer, tour guide, hostess, comedian, receptionist, telephone operator, building manager. 

As predicted by Career Horoscope, the Gemini all disciplines that require versatility, reconciliation, and links: areas of sale and negotiation, dissemination and interaction of ideas, media. It excels in jobs that require quick deductions, ability to associate, rationalize, deduce and encourage people to combine, translate, write and speak. 


Cook, nutritionist, housewife, mother, trade unionist, social worker, teacher, psychologist, psychologist, pediatrician, gynecologist, obstetrician, midwife, historian, novelist, architect, ecologist, farmer, a veterinarian. 

They are good in those areas where they work with protection and nutrition: dining rooms, clubs, unions, homes for children and the elderly. The spaces associated with births, pregnancies, or childcare such as maternity, kindergartens, schools, memorial events. 


Actor, opera singer, director of work or sports teams, boss, manager, businessman, president, film or theater director, expressive artist.

Kings and Queens. Idols and stars in general. They feel good in areas where there is a central character around which the rest of the people revolve: birthday parties, artistic presentations, reigns, elections for president, graduations. 


Writer, linguist, clerk, scientist, researcher, monk, doctor, nurse, veterinarian, editor, pharmacist, nutritionist, ecologist, recycler, detective, secretary, accountant, librarian, housewife.

All areas were ordering, meticulousness and discrimination are necessary. The spaces that need to recognize priorities, assemble action plans, create grids and systems that make the work more efficient. The places where it is necessary to capture a global system and recognize the function of each of the equally important parts. Charities, spirituality, service, solidarity action organizations. Areas where wisdom and discernment are valued. 


Diplomat, public relations, politician, judge, dressmaker, model, dancer, geisha, artist, perfumer, cosmetologist, makeup artist, mediator, matchmaker, art critic. 

They are for Libra the spaces where you have to see a situation in an objective way, without sticking to a single opinion, where it is necessary to level or match, those that require understanding and agreement between the parties as legal or judicial areas. He works in areas where he works with beauty, aesthetics, and harmony, such as cultural and artistic centers, or professions associated with design. They work very well with partners.


Psychoanalyst, surgeon, gynecologist, proctologist, oncologist, forensic doctor, curator, acupuncturist, sexologist, therapist, tarotist, medium, astrologer, strategist, researcher, politician, spy, financier, investor, a banker. 

It governs the spaces associated with healing, healing, and transmutation. The areas destined to work with the dark, denied, forbidden or repressed, the places where sexuality and domination are exacerbated or where distrust, pain or hate must be dealt with. The unconscious, psychology, and esotericism are its areas of action. 


Teachers, teachers, priests, senators, deputies, tour guides, travelers, philosophers, pilots, athletes, missionaries, lawyers, preachers, fans, mystics, dictators, ideological militants.

They feel good in the areas where it is necessary to capture a global sense and generate a synthesis or a defining direction: cultural or educational spaces that help broaden awareness and improve and expand the everyday world. The areas that amplify everyday reality: travel agencies, trade or cultural exchange abroad, areas associated with integration with other cultures or languages. 


Judges, lawyers, notaries, bosses, scientists, mathematicians, directors, military, tax collectors, insurance sellers, politicians, presidents, monks. 

They feel at ease in those professions that require planning times to optimize resources and synchronize efforts. And the spaces that invite perseverance and imply great commitments and responsibilities. Stable places, with clear authority structure and fixed rules. They prefer solitary and demanding tasks. 


Aviator, flight attendant, pilot, astronaut, creative, inventor, jester, paratrooper, astrologer, astronomer, solidarity organizations, environmental institutions, support networks, internet jobs, production and investment of television or film programs. 

Aquarium areas are the avant-garde and creative and innovative. That they demand creative and revolutionary ways of thinking, spaces that allow them to express themselves without prejudice, and where teamwork without leaders or authorities is prioritized. They move freely in inventive, supportive, egalitarian fields. However, there are times when the going gets tough and one needs help from a trusted source, who will light up their life by showing the right pathway. For expert guidance, one can talk to astrologer on phone, and get excellent remedies to cope with issues in love. 


Artist, poet, mystic, nurse, musician, astrologer, tarotist, seer, priest, guru, border doctor, medium, photographer, filmmaker, sorcerer. In the hardened opposite: politicians, businessmen, military, accountants, lawyers, journalists. 

Their radar is too large to understand the world from our limited rational mind, so those spaces that teach them to translate the immensity of what they perceive are: institutes of teaching or understanding of the psyche, contact with subtle or religious worlds, symbolic languages, esoteric interpretations. Photography and cinema will be Piscean areas, any exterior impact is internal, they express their sensitivity in places of helping others. 

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