Second half of the year 2020 for Vedic Astrology

Second half of the year 2020 for Vedic Astrology

In a previous article entitled New cycle in 2020 according to Vedic Astrology I tell you about the changes that are going to take place, they are taking place in this year 2020 and its relationship with astrological events.

From February 24 to May 28, a very important planetary configuration and in this case maleficent have remained in the skies: Kalsarpa Yoga, which occurs when all the planets are trapped by “the cosmic serpent” or between Rahu (the head) and Ketu (the tail). Something whose effects unfortunately we have been able to verify globally and individually.

In Western Astrology Rahu and Ketu are the lunar nodes; In Vedic Astrology they are two unique astrological elements that are called “shadow planets” because they have no mass or physical existence. Rahu, the north node, creates interest in the mundane, keeps us in Samsara, and indicates how karma is expressed and the lesson to be learned in this life. Ketu, the south node, shows past experiences, connection with the spiritual, disconnection.

Through Rahu and Ketu the relationship between past and present is manifested, experiences, knowledge, previously acquired wisdom that conditions and directs this life. The duality of Rahu and Ketu keeps us under Maya , illusion, deception, contradiction, under the presence of the shadow and the karmic forces generated and coming from the past that are expressed now.

This year is one of great changes, the slow planets change sign; In May we have left Kalsarpa Yoga and the second half of 2020 will be marked first by the change of sign on September 20 of Rahu and Ketu, together with the beginning of the normal movement of Jupiter (September 13) and Saturn (September 29). ) until reaching the exact point of conjunction on December 21.

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The two slowest planets in Vedic Astrology (Jupiter and Saturn) began their retrograde or reverse motion around May 11 and will remain so until mid-September. During this time their energies remain in the subtle plane and therefore not perceptible to the vast majority unless we have an important sensitivity for it. But they are both there, deeply creating the conditions on which the changes that will take place from September, when Rahu-Ketu enter Taurus-Scorpio, their movement becomes normal and they unite in Capricorn, have to settle.

Jupiter and Saturn are reunited again and now in Capricorn after 59 years. This detail is important, since the sign is an earth sign, ruled by Saturn, in which it is at home while Jupiter is totally out of place and therefore with altered energy.

Jupiter is considered the great beneficial planet, it indicates luck, optimism, beliefs, expansion, growth, generosity and shows us the path of openness and knowledge; Saturn is malefic, he establishes restrictions, delays, limits, obstacles, pessimism, makes karmic impressions express themselves to be purified or expiated, he is the lord of time and establishes justice and the law of cause and effect.

They are two opposing planets and therefore their nature’s conflict. Jupiter is going to be negatively influenced by the repressive Saturn sharpened in Capricorn, the governing sign and where it is said that Jupiter is weakened.

In the movement of the planets, Saturn performs a complete cycle throughout the zodiac every 30 years, while Jupiter does it approximately every 12 years. The conjunction of these two slow moving planets for Vedic Astrology is a very important event.

Going through the chronology,

  • at the end of March Jupiter entered Capricorn where Saturn was already,
  • In mid-May, the two began the reverse or retrograde movement, acting their energies in the subtle plane,
  • at the end of June Jupiter will return to its Sagittarius sign,
  • in September they will move in the normal sense again,
  • On November 20, with the entry of Jupiter into Capricorn again, this very important conjunction will be reproduced.

If we look in recent history we see that the last time of this union was in the year 2000, in the sign of Aries, ruled by Mars and under the element of fire, which produced a period of 20 years of changes related to actions and activities. violent, from the attacks on the twin towers, the escalation of war throughout the world, to the proliferation of terrorist attacks and different wars that have conditioned the economy, social fears and the personal and collective future of the whole world.

If we go further back in history, the last time that, as now, this conjunction occurred in the sign of Capricorn was between 1960 and 1961 59 years ago. At that time, the cold war situation between the USA and the former USSR had a critical moment with the famous missile crisis in Cuba, the threat of a nuclear war and with the decision of President Kennedy to fully participate in the Vietnam War. Created the breeding ground for the development of the hippy movement culminating in the summer of ’67, pacifism and ecology. Gagarin became the first human being to orbit the earth, the Beatles began their journey and the second Vatican Council took place, among other events. Changes that created a transformation at the social level of great importance.

Capricorn (Makara), the Capricorn, is a mysterious sign of cosmic impulses where the macrocosm and the microcosm are equally represented. It represents the sacrifice of the Cosmic Man, the Kalpurusha, where the egos are transcended so that the individual consciousness can unite with the cosmic consciousness, through atonement and purification through suffering and pain.

S igno ground, is governed by Saturn and Jupiter exalted Mars is weakened. Saturn must destroy so that a new order can be built. His attributes work with forces on a deep, transpersonal and definitive plane, in the sense that as the lord of time the changes are not temporary.

Weakened Jupiter indicates that inertia, the general tendency is not towards a spiritual inclination or the development of religious rituals, towards an understanding and compassion towards other living beings or our planet, but to a little for himself who can.

In the first half of 2020, Kalsarpa Yoga , together with the passage of Mars through Capricorn, have created a scenario in which the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction will produce much transformation and convulsion at the social level, a deep rethinking of social systems, individual liberties and privacy. The systems of government and democracy will be altered with greater authoritarianism, control over the individual, greater social imbalances, increased authoritarian and extremist attitudes, which will create frustration and nonconformity.

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