Best car insurance 2020 – Ranking, list and recommendations

Best car insurance 2020 – Ranking, list and recommendations

Whether you have just acquired a new vehicle, or if you are thinking of changing your company, searching for the best car insurance that suits our situation, our needs and our budget can become an endless process, full of complex research, studies , comparatives, etc.

The campaigns that insurers launch are usually very aggressive, therefore, we must prioritize what our needs are , our budget and what we are willing to give up and what not. It may happen that we let ourselves be carried away by claims that do not respond to what our car really needs and we end up hiring a series of completely unnecessary coverage.

To avoid this, we are going to analyze the most important aspects regarding car insurance that you should know, to get you to contract if not the best possible insurance, yes the one that best meets your needs, fits your budget and has the coverages you really need . The intention is that we can help you stay up to date in the world of car insurance .

If, on the contrary, you want to know all the details that must be taken into account when contracting car insurance, either to contract your first insurance or because you are going to change your company. We are going to give you all the keys to know how to choose a good car insurance.

First, keep in mind, before hiring your car insurance, the following details:

Beware of car insurance offers

Hiring insurance for your car is mandatory. However, the enormous number of offers, coverage, benefits and prices can raise many questions and even make you make wrong decisions. To avoid it, the first thing you should do is be wary of the offers, it can happen that the cheap ends up being expensive. Remember that no company can offer you a closed price before knowing the make, model and power of your vehicle, among other determining factors. In addition, it is possible that you can benefit from a good initial offer, but if you do not review the conditions well, you could find yourself with a renovation at an astronomical price; take good care of all these aspects.

There are car insurance companies that seek to attract customers with great offers and when the first year is up, not only do they go up in price, they subtract coverage, add abusive conditions and cut benefits that were not included in the initial policy.

Age is a very important factor, and is that when it comes to rebate, insurance companies consider several factors as determining factors:

  • Age.
  • Absence of loss in recent years.
  • Age of the driving license.
  • Sex.
  • City in which the vehicle is insured.

You should know the discounts and surcharges that each company applies when establishing the insurance price, based, above all, on these variables. Also, remember that nobody gives anything away, the insurances that offer the cheapest policies usually have less coverage or you can find surprises when you need to use them. There is no use saving you money, if when you need it, it will be more expensive. You could end up paying for insurance that, if you had a mishap, might not cover you or do so in a very limited way.

Compare car insurance before hiring

It is essential that you have time to analyze and compare . It is possible that you know more than one company, but only by comparing several you will be able to get the best offer. Analyze the different products: all risks, franchises, third parties … It may happen that you have never had to take out car insurance and you are overwhelmed by the enormous amount of information that each company offers you, terms you do not know, or details about the products. In that case, it is recommended that you consult an insurance brokerage or an advisor, who can guide you on which insurance best suits your needs .

Is it better to take out car insurance with a brokerage or advisor?

There are several reasons why hiring the best car insurance is easier if we do it through a brokerage or an insurance advisor. The main thing is that the amount of information, coverage, benefits and products can exceed us and, in many cases, it will not even be responding to the needs we have. An advisor will know what questions to ask to get the necessary answers and also, they know all the products perfectly, so they will find the policy that best suits our needs and, above all, they can guide us regarding how each insurer works, whether that they have information on all their policyholders.

We can ask ourselves if hiring car insurance through an advisor will have a higher cost: that does not have to be the case. The price of the insurance will be adequate to the needs of the insured and will offer a service according to the client’s budget, always with more advantages, due to the knowledge of the adviser’s products.

Looking for cheap car insurance can have consequences that we do not expect, and when it comes to hiring for example car insurance from third parties, we must take into account the importance of franchises, what price is fixed and what is franchise, etc to avoid unnecessary surprises. Always think about what is basic for you (roadside assistance, broken windows, theft …) and when you have it clear, take out your policy.

Is it convenient to compare several car insurance companies online?

If you have decided that you will not consult an advisor, the best option is that you consult the offer of the different companies with internet compactors . Keep in mind that they are not going to give you the final price, and that they also have very aggressive campaigns that will “limit” coverage due to competing with other insurers. You can find franchises that, in the long run, will be more expensive than if you had contracted an all risk, or abusive clauses that can cause problems for any incident you suffer with your vehicle.

In fact, there are insurance companies that launch specific campaigns for these comparators; however, the real price is far from the previous offer that we had found in the comparator. The recommendation is that before hiring a policy with offers from the online comparator, read the fine print well, to be sure of the coverage you are hiring and what the exclusions are, so as not to take surprises.

Can the taker and the usual driver be different?

If the time has come to take out your car insurance and you have raised this question, you should know that the owner of the vehicle, the policyholder and the regular driver may be different people. It is usual for all three to be the same person, but it is not mandatory that this be so.

To distinguish each of these figures, you must know that the owner is the owner of the vehicle that we are going to insure; It is your name that appears on the vehicle’s driving license and, if you do not take out insurance, you could be penalized. The policyholder is the person who is taking out the insurance policy, while the usual driver is the one who drives the car.

Perhaps you are wondering from whom the data is taken in the insurance when contracting a policy. It is the habitual driver who must inform the company about his age, years of seniority with the card, sex or profession so that the insurer calculates the premium to apply. Of course, only he can drive the vehicle; if there are any other drivers, they must appear in the policy as occasional drivers.

For example: To qualify for a government bonus for delivering an old vehicle, the owner of a vehicle can deliver his car that is over 10 years old and appear as the owner of the new one, which, however, his son will usually drive. In this case, the owner is the father and the policyholder may be the owner or the child, who must appear as a regular driver and, according to their characteristics, the insurance premium will be calculated. Otherwise, the insurance could “wash your hands” and not cover an accident, because it does not appear as such.

What factors influence the price of car insurance?

There are many factors that influence insurance companies when developing a budget to purchase car insurance . The most prominent and that all companies usually take into account are the age of the driver, the sex, the age of his driving license, the performance of the car that we are going to insure and, even, if the vehicle is used in his daily activity or just for leisure.

Once we are clear that compulsory insurance includes civil liability for damages caused to third parties and legal defense, we can choose numerous voluntary coverages that, depending on our driver profile, will be more or less useful. This is the case, for example, of the replacement car: If we use the car as a work item, it will surely be a must, however, for all those who only use the car on specific occasions or for leisure activities, they will have no need to hire it. Other extra guarantees are, for example, occupant insurance, broken windows, theft or travel assistance. Remember that the normal thing is that the more extra guarantees you include, the more your insurance price will rise, but also, the more protected you will be.

List of the best 2020 car insurers in Spain

There is no perfect car insurance and each one has advantages and disadvantages, but, according to the coverages, we are going to see which are the best 2020 car insurers in Spain according to our rates made in March 2020 and a driver profile of Medium risk, resident in a large city, with more than 10 years of experience and a license from the age of 18.

Best Car Insurance at All Risk

Qualitas Auto: It offers comprehensive insurance where its greatest advantage is the guarantee of legal defense and unlimited fines, expenses and fees for company lawyers, as well as the free appointment of lawyers and sureties. In addition, it includes travel assistance, free choice of workshop, hotel included, damage to luggage and legal defense. On the other hand, it does not include a replacement vehicle, theft of keys or an advance for compensation.

Balumba : It has a very tight premium and, therefore, economically it appears as a very good option. As pros we highlight in the car insurance of this company travel assistance, hotel included, free choice of workshop, theft of keys and legal defense. It also offers protection against tire damage, although those affecting luggage and personal belongings are not included. It also offers the possibility of anticipating the cost of possible compensation and the claim for damages suffered by the policyholder. Regarding the cons, it does not include a replacement vehicle, damage to luggage or an advance for compensation.

Direct Insurance : This company has emerged among the best car insurers of 2020 , since it has advantages very similar to previous travel assistance, legal defense or compensation advances. Of course, among its weaknesses are that it does not include damage to luggage, theft of keys, compensation for temporary disability or hotel in travel assistance.

Best Extended Third Party Car Insurance

This type of insurance is indicated for those who seek to have the essential covered, which is why they usually include Civil Liability, roadside assistance and legal defense , but they also want to have extra guarantees such as broken windows, fire or theft. of the vehicle, among others.

Qualitas Auto : its coverage includes travel assistance, unscheduled healthcare, legal defense, damage to luggage, free choice of workshop, compensation for temporary disability and theft in the vehicle.

Genesis : it has, like the previous ones, unconcerted health care, recourse to fines or theft in the vehicle, but it has a great disadvantage: it does not include compensation for temporary disability.

Regal : in this case the same thing happens with Genesis; This is insurance with good basic coverage, but permanent disability compensation is not included, so in the long run, it may be better to hire a company that does not offer this coverage.

Best Third Party Car Insurance

This is the basic insurance that any driver must have. It covers automobile damage, the physical damage of the other driver, medical expenses or compensation in case of disability or death, among others. It does not cover the expenses for theft of the vehicle . Subsequently, this type of insurance can be personalized by adding the coverages that best suit our needs.

Genesis : it has a very cheap premium. 143 euros that include travel assistance, unscheduled healthcare, legal defense and theft of keys . Of course, personal disability compensation is not among the coverage of this company in its “third-party” modality.

Regal : offers very good value for money. However, compensation for personal disability is contracted separately. Still, it is indicated for drivers looking for affordable insurance with the basics covered.

SegurCaixa Auto : Travel assistance or legal defense are among its strengths, since the third-party policy offered by the company is very comprehensive and can be improved including moons and theft; It also has a mechanical telephone consulting service. However, it does not include repair credit coverage, necessary in the event of an accident to finance expenses, nor does it include coverage for driving license withdrawal.

Truths and lies about car insurance

Hiring car insurance is not easy, but there are a number of premises that you should know and that will help you in the process of hiring your policy. There are many “false beliefs” in this regard; Therefore, we tell you what are the most common truths and lies about car insurance and we dismantle some of the most widespread myths.

Is it better to take out comprehensive insurance?

If we have a new vehicle, without a doubt it is better an insurance against all risks ; In the event that its age is less than two years, we have the advantage that, in the event of an accident in which our car is declared as total loss, we will recover the current price of the car.

Once the car is older it is convenient to analyze the different proposals of the companies; It is possible that at all risk, we can dispense with coverage that will increase our premium and will not provide us with the assistance that we are going to need.

If you take out all the insurances with the same company you will have discounts and you will save

Again, the best option is to compare. Companies like MAPFRE grant bonuses according to the number of policies that we have contracted with them, but, it may happen that, even with those bonuses, insurance is more expensive, so we are not managing to save. Compare before hiring , only then you will have the opportunity to know what they offer you and how.

When you take out car insurance, it lasts 13 months

Be careful because it is a widespread urban legend and can be a significant outlay. It is not that the companies give away a month, it is that to the 12 hired, one is added that is known as “de gracia”. But, during this period, the company can wash its hands in case of an accident, because you are not covered. It is the time the insurer leaves to receive the payment.

My insurance covers all the extras of my vehicle

This is not a closed rule, before contracting any insurance we must check which extras are covered, which are not, and what we must include in our insurance. Typically, the extras that come standard on the vehicle are covered, but if we have added something, we must notify the company so they include it in our policy.

If I have a red car, insurance will be more expensive

One of the most widespread urban legends is that having brightly colored cars (especially red) will make our policy more expensive, since it is associated with a much more aggressive way of driving. However, this is not the case and the color of the car is not one of the factors that influence the price of the insurance .

Women pay less, but if you have children you pay more

It is not a random decision, a few years ago the accident rate among women was lower and, consequently, the price of car insurance could become cheaper; however, a 2012 judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union considered this measure discriminatory and cannot be applied as a differentiating factor.

The issue of children is determined because it is common for this question to appear on company forms, but it does not determine the price, unless you declare children who are under 25 and who could use your car; he would be added as an occasional driver and, in that case, the premium could be increased.

It is more difficult for young people to take out insurance

Finding car insurance for the age range between 18 and 25 years can be a real nightmare: the offer is scarce and expensive, since they have a higher accident rate, but there are already companies that offer policies specially indicated for this sector of population; It is true that the coverage is more limited, but you have to look for it and compare it with what each one can offer us.

The more parts, the more the premium will rise

Currently, most companies offer a certain number of parts per year, to avoid the fear of drivers when they have an accident to give a part and have their insurance increased. Another factor that influences is that the premium does not always go down if we do not give parts, because if the bonus that is being applied is the maximum, there will be no more discounts.

Can I drive a car without insurance?

In Spain it is mandatory to circulate with insurance , according to article 3 of Royal Legislative Decree 8/2004, of October 29, which approves the revised text of the Law on civil liability and insurance in the movement of motor vehicles. However, driving without insurance is not a crime or offense that carries a sanction according to the Penal Code, such as driving without a license, under the influence of alcohol or drugs or having exceeded the speed limit. Of course, driving without insurance carries a fine that ranges between 650 and 2,800 euros, depending on the type of vehicle and the type of permit required to drive it. What’s more, traffic officers can immobilize the uninsured vehicle.

Summary of recommendations to find the best car insurance

With all this information, you can now face the challenge of finding the best car insurance. Among the wide variety of the market you must choose the one that best suits your needs , budget, etc. It is very important that when evaluating you take into account the value for money and be very clear about what you need, to avoid hiring unnecessary coverage, or stop insuring elements of your car that you should have under control.

We remind you of the 5 important factors to make it easier for you to choose:

  • If your car is less than two years old, always contract an all risk
  • Make sure the extras are included in the policy
  • Remember that if you have the maximum bonus, cheaper insurance will have less coverage
  • Neither the color nor if you have children will influence the price of your insurance
  • Flee aggressive offers from some companies: coverage is very likely to be lacking