10 signs that maybe you should end your relationship

10 signs that maybe you should end your relationship

It is sometimes difficult to face reality.
But even if it is painful, it is sometimes better to end a relationship than to live unhappily.
Here are 10 signs that you may want to end your relationship.

1. Your partner neglects you

Of course, a little freedom does not necessarily hurt the couple. But if your partner spends more time with his friends than with you or doesn’t answer your calls, it’s something else.

2. You can imagine your life without him / her

Certain signs do not deceive. If you dream of a whole other life, or just a life with someone else, you are probably unhappy. Maybe you need to think about yourself a little, even if you may hurt your spouse.

3. You think you would be a better person without him / her

When we are unhappy together, we sometimes get the worst out of their sweet half. Maybe that’s when half is not the right one …

4. When you feel better alone

We are better alone than poorly accompanied. It’s an expression but, how to say … there is no smoke without fire…

5. Sex is rare

Of course, a small drop in libido can be normal, especially after several years of living together. But if the attraction is no longer there and the efforts are not there, it will be very difficult to rekindle the flame.

6. Wondering if you should end your relationship

If you are asking yourself this question, it is already a sign…

7. You have the impression of living with a roommate more than a lover

Do you feel like sharing household chores, eating next to someone, separating the bills … but the bond is no longer there? Maybe your partner is not the one who will make you happy every day.

8. You think of someone else

If your mind is already elsewhere, how can your heart be there?

9. Child / no child: you disagree on the family issue

This is THE question that calls for the greatest sacrifice of one or the other. Are you really comfortable with the idea of ​​changing your whole life and your deepest desire for this person?

10. Your partner cheated on you

The latter reason may seem obvious, but many (many) couples choose to overcome such an ordeal. Before “sponging” ask yourself if you are really ready to accept it and if it will not have any negative long-term effects on your relationship.