How to clean and prepare your home for blessings

How to clean and prepare your home for blessings

Keep your home purified and energized to be a magnet of good energy and blessings.

Purifying your home is recommended at any time that you think things could be doing much better. Perhaps during or after illnesses, divorces, financial problems or conflicts with other people.

For a new year, purify your home of all the energy of the year that goes and then prepare it to receive your wishes in the new year.

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Home Purification Ritual

To clean the house of any stagnant and dense energy, the first thing is to shake, sweep and mop. It sounds simple but dust and disorder generally help the energy to stagnate. So first, move all the furniture, shake mattresses, throw away anything that is damaged or unused, wash curtains and sheets, and leave your home like a teacup.

It is also important to open windows and doors if possible and let natural light and air freely enter your home.

Once you have cleaned the surfaces of the house and furniture and let the light and natural air flow, follow the steps below to purify the energy:

  • From your phone or computer, play purification mantras (if you search iTunes and YouTube for ” purification mantras ” you will find a few). Let the songs sound at least 8 hours in a row. They do not need to be at full volume.
  • Replace all artificial or dead plants with healthy and natural plants, with or without flowers. Make sure they do not have spines and that their leaves are not pointed but round.
  • Mix in a plastic or glass container, water and sea salt. For every 4 cups of water, one of sea salt. Dissolve. You can also do it with a container that has spray.
  • Locate yourself at the entrance of your home that you use the most to enter and exit (in case there is more than one access door), and walk counterclockwise. That is, standing at the door of the house, start with the rooms on your right and go through the whole house until you finish once more at the door.
  • With the mantras touching and the container of water and salt in your hand, sprinkle the mixture (in each corner and under the furniture as well) as you travel your home while saying “Only light, peace and love come into this house and remain in it. “
  • Mix cinnamon and water in a container (at least 5 cups) and heat. When you have cinnamon water, mix three cups in a gallon of water and with a mop clean the floors of your house.
  • With a metal bell, do the same route you did with the water with sea salt, while at least three times ringing the bell in each room. When doing this, visualize waves of white and golden light that expand from the bell with each bell and are distributed throughout the room, cleaning everything dark or negative, leaving the space radiant.
  • Use what’s left of cinnamon water and add half a gallon of cold or warm water. With this mixture (which is at a pleasant temperature for you), bathe so that it covers your entire body. Do not rinse. Dry in the open air. (Make sure you are not allergic, before using all the water in your body).

Protection for your purified house

Once your house is purified, you can then energize it so that it is protected and in tune with your superior desires and purposes.

For this follow these steps:

  • Ruda plant (rue plant) in small pots. Place two on each side of your front door, outside and inside. That is, two pots inside on each side of the door, and two pots outside on each side of the door. Make sure you do so in a good mood and keep only positive thoughts.
  • Reproduce protection mantras . Let them ring for at least 8 hours or more.
    Separate an hour from your day or night for this ritual: listen to the Mool Mantra , then the Kleem mantra , and then the Ek Ongkar Sat Gur Prasad . Each one is repeated 108 times, without interruption while concentrating on what he wants to manifest for the new year.
  • For 21 days in a row, clean your floors with cinnamon water, as you did to purify your home. And bathe yourself also with the mixture for 21 days.

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