8 Tips to Choose the Perfect Dress for Ladies

8 Tips to Choose the Perfect Dress for Ladies

Is there another symbol as full of illusion as engagement rings ? The dream of a life with your soulmate can rarely be overcome. But on the day of the wedding, other and more intense emotions will come to you. In that way, you will go through the vertiginous process of finding the perfect wedding dress and the security of feeling accompanied by your partner, family, friends and your bridesmaids! Do you already know what party dresses to wear?

The bride will always look for the most beautiful dress, the one that makes her feel comfortable, safe and even fashionable. And if your ladies are fashionistas , they will also enjoy the beautiful measuring party dresses 2019 . But to succeed with some outfits in trend and they feel good , what steps must be taken?

We know it is a complicated task, since not all girls will agree with the choice … or probably yes. That is why you must take into account their opinions , suggestions and apply these eight tips to choose together the perfect dress for your ladies.

1. Dedicate enough time

In the case of your wedding and finding perfect dresses, they will need to dedicate the right time. Maybe they are in a hurry looking for the decoration of the table of sweets for wedding and delivering invitations, but if you want to find them the ideal dress, it is just that with six months in advance you visit several boutiques or look in our catalog long party dresses to know what details , colors and styles you would like to see in your ladies.

2. With which model will you feel more comfortable and beautiful?

The future bride should gather all her ladies to talk about the look they will wear. The correct thing is that the bride lets them know the ideas she has, according to the concept, the location of the wedding and even the thematic color, if any. Ask them if they prefer short party dresses , others with long skirts or even jumpsuits . Also, share your tastes to know if you prefer a special cut or which is the one that best reflects your personalities.

Clearly, you will know the taste and style of each of your ladies, but it is essential that they select the perfect model of elegant party dresses among all . If they will later be useful for other events, why not take it into account?

3. Where, when and how will the wedding

If you have successfully distributed all the elegant wedding invitations it is because you have already defined the place, the day and the time well . These three points, along with the theme of the party, will be helpful to make a better decision about the dresses.

Consider whether it will be a wedding day or night, by the sea or under the mystery of a cave, if it will be casino or country style. Base yourself on every detail that covers the wedding to study the model of the dress.

4. One or more colors?

The color of the year 2019 is the living coral , a combination of pink, orange and red. You will find this color in many of the long evening dresses . But you can also opt for more romantic and vintage shades nearby on the palette, such as salmon, with which they will look ideal in dresses for the most summery beach party .

There is a possibility that they agree that the color worn by the ladies stands out remarkably. If the intensity fades and they don’t want the photos of the bride and her favorite women to go unnoticed, they favor the red evening dresses in the color ranking . This color transmits a lot of security and can be combined with a passionate and classic red bridal bouquet .

More vibrant colors? Look for images of evening dresses : you will find designs in yellow, fuchsia, green, orange, blue. There are even weddings in which each of the ladies has a different color. Although it is not recommended, they can find a certain balance if all the dresses are of the same model and the only variation is chromatic. You will be a bride surrounded by a lot of color!

5. A cut that favors all

There is little chance that all your ladies will have the same complexion and share measures. That is why you need to look for a cut that favors both low and high, thin and full , in addition to contemplating the type of silhouette of each. Especially, if the idea is that all ladies wear the same style of dress.

The empire and A cuts are the ones that favor more body types . The empire cut, tight to the bust and with a skirt that unfolds from a little above the waist is only not recommended for those women whose shoulders are noticeably wider than the hip. And in the case of the silhouettes in A, adjusted to the waist and with triangular descent, they are also favorable for the majority, although it can make women of shorter stature seem shorter.

6. Aligned with the bride or contrasting?

You may have fallen in love with a mermaid-cut wedding dress , but would you like your ladies to wear the same or a different style? Even if the dress of the bride will be of a different cut to those of the ladies, they can share some elements in common, such as fabric or some appliques . For example, ladies’ attire can be made with tulle, while maintaining the same spirit of modern wedding dresses . They can also replicate the type of neckline or the tattoo effect of the sleeve wedding dresses that seduced the protagonist.

7. Let each lady bring her personal touch

The convertible dresses can unleash the creativity of each woman and being a manifesto of his personality. A lady might want to wear a V-neck; another might want a crossed neckline and another adapt it to wear a halter neck and all with the same dress model!

But if they won’t choose convertible dresses, the accessories and their arrangement can make a difference. Allow them to choose hairstyles with braids or simple hairstyles , who choose jewelry, makeup style and slippers. All with the purpose that they feel satisfied and safe with what they will use in your day.

8. Will they buy together or separately?

Identify which dress boutiques to go to and, now, let them know so that each one, in turn, goes to the store you like best in search of the dress. In case you want there to be uniformity, everyone will have to visit the store to select several models and, once all are tested, choose the right one for all.

Some will love the sophisticated, others the sensual and a few the romantic, but rest assured that, with everyone’s interest and effort, they will find the perfect evening dress . With him they will look beautiful, they will feel dazzling and will embody the best courtship you would have ever dreamed of. If you take care that your girls feel comfortable with their dresses, they will ensure that every detail, accessory and hairstyle collected that is part of their look adds to the style of their wedding. To take many pictures together!