How to wear gray pants Three infallible office looks

How to wear gray pants Three infallible office looks

Fashion Trends for Men 2020: Combining gray pants does not have much mystery if you let yourself be guided by these tips. We have thought of all the details so that you only have to open the closet. Ready to leave all looks of the week solved?

We show you how to combine gray pants!

From what we see in the results of the most watched men’s fashion posts on our website, you like us to get to the point with practical examples and tips for day-to-day… You send! In this post we are going to solve, with ingenuity and without complications, a problem that many of us have when going to the office … How to combine gray pants? And, more importantly, how can we take it to the office any day of the week without looking like we are always dressed the same? Let’s go to the mess!

Stay with this gray Chino trousers by MANGO MAN because it is with which we will create all the looks that appear in this post.

Dress it with ocher and blue tones.

Mondays are odious, yes. But there is no choice but to pass them … at least until the lottery touches us. The alarm sounds, ten minutes to get dressed and, once again, we have not left the look prepared the day before. Actually, we have met very few who do …

Anyway, let’s make things easy, it’s time to go to work. Today we combine our gray pants with a basic shirt. Of course, we will avoid the color white. Not for nothing, we love it. But we are sure that you have not rested all that you owe and those dark circles, which the office fluorescents do not help to disguise, will be reduced a little using darker neutral tones. In addition, autumn is the perfect time to dare with other ranges of colors. What do you think about this beige poplin shirt that we have found in MASSIMO DUTTI? It seems perfect to us to wear gray pants.

You can finish the look with a brown leather belt and brown dress shoes. A classic that never fails.

And if you have to wear a blazer in the office, we propose this MANGO MAN. It is made of blue wool and will give your look a trend roll without moving away from the classics.

Combine gray pants with coral and yellow tones.

One of the trends that are hitting the strongest are bright colors. Yellow is present in most men’s collections this fall and, yes sir, you can also try how to combine gray pants. You want to know more? Here we give you an idea to get out of your comfort zone. Try new colors!

This yellow cotton jersey from MANGO MAN gives us all the comfort we need in the office and, due to its fabric, will facilitate perspiration and give us freedom of movement. Being of such a vivid color the eyes will focus on him, nobody will notice that you repeat pants color.

The footwear that we will use to know how to combine gray pants with this look will be a pair of sneakers in bench color. A basic that you can also use many times. These, from ZARA, are perfect for what we are looking for.

We choose the blazer in ZARA in coral color. Maybe before trying on this look you find it hard to get the idea … But we are sure that you will be right and you will take more than one congratulation for your style.

How to wear gray pants with white and beige tones.
After the display of modernity that you have stuck with the last look, touch soften it. We go with a classic that does not fail and, choosing the right clothes, will keep you on a trend line.

The shirt, we have found in MAN that, in addition to sitting perfectly, is “easy iron” cotton, easy ironing Good!

To know how to combine gray pants with this white shirt, as an outer garment, we are going to avoid the blazers or jerseys and we will focus on an autumn basic that you can use in the closet. A trench, or raincoat, will be very useful and is always a trend. What do you think of this ZARA MAN?

We choose the shoes for this look in brown. One option to consider would be these MAN MAN ankle boots in brown. Perfect for what we are looking for!