Ways to Choose the Color you should Wear for Dark Indian Skin

Ways to Choose the Color you should Wear for Dark Indian Skin

We have talked about the color wheel in the past, which is why today I would focus a little more on the way to choose the color that should be put.

There may have been times when you wore a certain outfit that looked so good on your friend or a celebrity, but it doesn`t quite do the magic for you. Sounds familiar? And then it went to another option, which was more or less a darker or lighter shade than it had in the first place, and the results were disastrous. You know why it happened?

 The fault is your Undertone There is a difference between the tone of the surface and your skin tone, which we talked about in the post color wheel. This is when it teaches you how to choose correctors and bases for your skin tone. In the same way you would when you have to know ways to choose the color you should wear.

Several low voices in India unlike the West, Indian girls have different skin tones to flaunt. From the lightest ivories to the darkest ebony and everything in between your skin tone is what is below the surface of your skin.

It has three main groups, which are however; Cold tones that are slightly pink, blue or red, warm tones that are yellowish, peachish or golden and neutral tones that are a combination of warm and cool shades.

Determine your truest shadow Not all hot girls are pale tones and vice versa, so it`s litter that myth forever. Angelina Jolie, Hollywood diva is not cool tones even though she has a slightly pinkish hue. Deepika Padukone isn`t totally toned neutral, although she has bluish hues on her skin, especially underneath her eyes without makeup.

So how do you determine colors to wear? Take a look at the veins around the arms, the area of ​​the special wrist. Is it blue or green? Blue means that it has fresh shades, while green means it has warm shades.

To know what neutral tones would work best for you, look at yourself in a garment that has shades such as white, black and brown or gray too in front of a mirror. Concentrate on the areas especially on the face, around the eyes.

If the area is scattered creamy off-white brown tones, then it’s a cool toned woman with a neutral touch, more of a woman in warm tones with a neutral touch.

Look now at your eye color and hair color, which will help you define what nuance that could be. If the color of the eyes is gray, blue or green, it falls under the fresh-toned category if not, then you are the girl in warm tones.

The same would be with color-fresh hair toned would be brown, black or blonde, while warm tones would be women of amber, hazel and red hair.

When you enter the sun and get a little cinnamon today. If the skin is godlessness brown, or if they turn brown soon, it means that it has a nuance of warm skin tones. Those who have a fresh background would be first tanned and then the skin would burn in a brownish tone.

Time for everything for celebrities with their skin tone, and look at most of the images on the red carpet. Here you could see the colors they wear. When it comes to Indian skin tones, dark skin colors, which the Indians can make are red, purple, mauve, bottle green, olive green, dark gray and neutral.

Also look for dark skinned women celebrity colors and dark colors for brides (Bipasha Basu`s wedding album, for example), and you know how the game from yellow to red, orange to brown, green to camels and creams work wonderfully in hot Indian toned. If you are a cool toned Indian girl, you can play with purple, green and blue, fuchsia roses with a blue base tone as well.

We hope that this information on how to choose the colors of the clothes for dark skin and the colors that suits you the best comes in handy!