How to Dress When it Rains in Summer?

How to Dress When it Rains in Summer?

Summer is not always under the sign of the sun. It can rhyme with rain and this is where a real headache to dress comes! Indeed, not easy to be stylish when our clothes are soaked, our hair swollen way “hairstyle of space” and our mood not always in good shape … No panic, there are lots of tips to be looks under rain and that’s what you will discover through this article.

1) The essentials in case of rain

It’s not because it’s raining that it’s necessarily cold. We still stay in the summer season that alternates showers and heat, so the goal is not to reproduce the sensations of the sauna at the end of the rain, which would be uncomfortable as possible. It will therefore be necessary to dress light and predict the above and accessories that are required.

The jackets

You have varnished or waxed models adapted to rainy weather. The trap is that the rendering can quickly make cheap and remind us how much between childhood and adulthood the barrier is sometimes too thin. Therefore prefer the impervious classics.

The trench

The trenches will be precious allies. If you have an unlined and rather light model it’s better for the summer.

In general they are waterproof which is frankly practical.

Example of association: beige trench + high-wasted denim shorts + khaki tank top + converses in camel leather. The example in the illustration below with a mariner also works very well. Once again the basics are here to save our lives!

To know everything about the trench: How to wear the trench?

The parka

It is the ideal jacket in rainy weather. Choose the basic colors that you will not get tired of: beige, navy or khaki. Of course we are on a summer model without linings.

Example of association: parka + loose dress + wedge shoes or sneakers.

The K-way

We remain quite mixed with regard to the k-way. It must be recognized, however, that it is very practical.

Choose it plain, in a rather basic color, avoid wearing it closed to the neck and prefer it simply placed on the shoulders. Metallic models have a lot of style and a touch of modernity. Do not forget the beautiful quality details that will ensure its look: zipper gold or silver metal, lapel and buttons quality, color with depth etc…

Example of association: k-way + ample printed shorts + tank top + platform sandals.

The shoes

Flatform or flatform shoes

They are very practical if we do not want to lock our toes but also to flood them at the same time! Special mention for patent leather shoes that allow drops to slide.🙂

The heels

If you want to wear heels, it all depends on showers!

If its fine drops it’s playable by cons if it’s a big downpour that looms, do not risk risking your life and opt instead for compensated shoes. You will be pleased to see that thanks to the height your feet stay dry too.

Rain boots

If, like me, you have to walk a lot before taking public transport or reaching your business, rain boots are essential.

Prefer plastic boots rather than boots. They are more discreet without failing in their protective role. For my part, I found a pair that mimics the Chelsea boots, so we really get closer to the shoe. Either you play the offbeat card and opt for fun boots, or you stay in the classic uni. Attention we said fun not juvenile!


If, like me, you have to walk a lot before taking public transport or reaching your business, they are essential.


If you choose fun boots, it will be necessary to be vigilant for the remainder of your outfit and to opt for sober in order to harmonize the outfit. The famous yellow rain boots can be easily worn with jeans and a beige trench for example.

The umbrella

The choice of your umbrella should not be taken lightly as it is part of your look. In some areas, the rains are so frequent that it is used more than once a week, so it is an investment quickly profitable.

There is no better way to protect yourself from the rain. You have large models that house two people but are very bulky.

In the big cities; they do not fail to regularly knock out people in their path. Having experienced these situations as a victim several times, no need to tell you that I am against.

It is also necessary to take into account the practical aspect, it is better that the latter fits into your purse. (He who is usually overloaded is no longer an object near).

It is important to opt for a model of at least 25 euros if you want quality to be the rendezvous and know that the more your umbrella will include whales, the more it will be resistant. The average being 8 whales. Forget about the umbrellas sold out on the street.

I recommend you to have at least 2 models to change according to your desires and outfits but especially if you receive at your home. Sometimes the weather changes suddenly which may surprise your guests who will be very grateful if you lend them an umbrella to reach their home. What gallantry is not it?


It can be very practical to protect your hair from the rain while finishing your outfit wonderfully. It’s up to you to find the hat that best suits your face shape.

To choose your hat correctly it’s here:  “What hats to wear when it’s hot?”

The rest of your rain suit

Be it your stockings, or your top, there is no ” special rain ” clothing, so dress as usual, the change will be at the level of your protective clothing (jacket or shoes). Plan a small mesh because it happens that the rain refreshes the atmosphere.

If the rains are heavy and you are worried about being soaked, plan a change of clothes that will be highly appreciated. Watch out for costume jewelry that does not like water and therefore rain. It is better not to wear it or you have to protect it with a scarf or sleeves for example.

Despite all our precautions, we sometimes feel sticky on rainy days. To avoid this feeling, you should avoid wearing tight fitting at the top of your body and favor large cuts and natural materials that will dry quickly. When the weather is wet, if you wear tight and synthetic, you will feel uncomfortable quickly.


Watch out for costume jewelery that does not like water and therefore rain.


2) Tips that save in case of rain

We have all our little tips that we have acquired with experience. Here are some tips that are worth trying.

The tote bag

I have “tote bags”, lightweight canvas that I use to carry adequate clothes or on the contrary to free me from my thickness if sunbeams decide to point the tip of the nose.

The bars or elastics

If your hair is long and does not react well to humidity, plan some accessories in your bag to tie your hair during the day if you are against the ripples. You can also put on a scarf or headband to protect them from moisture or to fold them nicely backwards.

The waterproofing spray

Remember to waterproof your clothes. There are sprays that you can spread on your clothes, shoes or bags and you will avoid turning into a sponge.

A pair of spare shoes

Sometimes we overestimate our shoes. We think they can save us from the flood and we find ourselves flooded all day with a cold.

We foresee a small light pair that we will slip into our tote bag for example. If you can, leave a pair in the office to avoid cluttering. This one will always be useful if a heel breaks or if you wear an uncomfortable pair.

3) The behavior to adopt in case of rain

Escape the dark colors

It’s not because it’s raining that you have to show off all the gear of Morticia Addams. It’s an opportunity to take out some pretty colored clothes to prove to the whole world that your life does not stop with the arrival of the rain. Coral, yellow or electric blue, take a look at the weather!

These colors will highlight your tan or look good if you belong to the category of people who do not tan.

Improvise a new weekend schedule

You had planned a nice walk with the family or to go to the beach and you already start to pester against the weather. Negative emotions waste valuable time and can ruin your life.

Relativize and take the opportunity to catch up on reading, go to the nearest cinema and go see a comic film, take the opportunity to do creative hobbies or undertake a large sorting and storage of your wardrobe, in short everything that you tend to put aside when the sun is shining.

Visit your family or your friends

Rather than sticking to your phone, take the time to go see the people you love (even when it’s sunny). Sharing good times makes it possible to pass through a capricious weather. And if it happens during your work week, rejoice because anyway you could not enjoy this beautiful blue sky.

No matter the circumstances, your life can be beautiful from the moment you decide!

We tend to pester the rain partly because it makes our hair swell but do you know that it does not only have harmful consequences? Indeed, the latter also gives them shine. It is even recommended to collect rainwater to rinse his hair. Attention only in small towns because in big cities, rainwater is much too polluted. And it’s not worth it to shampoo your hair that evening, rinse with clear water or brush enough.