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Why Pitru Paksha is inauspicious for realty deals?

Pitru Paksha

Pitru Paksha or Shradh Paksha is period where certain extremely important rituals are performed by Hindus for the well being of their ancestors.

The Shradh Paksha or Pitru Paksha is observed in the month of Ashwin every year, during the Krishna Paksha (the waning phase of Moon), which comes out to be 15-16 days commencing from Poornima (Full Moon) to Amavasya (New Moon) .

Shradh 2018 start date is 24th September and the end date is 8th October.

In the Hindu culture after a person dies, it becomes the responsibility of the living relatives (particularly the son) to perform Shradh Puja so that the deceased attain peace and contentment in the after life.

In the continuity of one’s family tree, the contribution of a person’s ancestors can not be ignored, especially when it comes to the privilege of having an ancestral roof over head.

It does not matter whether we live in a house that was built by our ancestors or it is something that we built ourselves, either ways none of it would have been possible without the support of our ancestors.

Be it providing a roof over our heads or raising us in a way that makes us capable enough to make a roof for ourselves, we are what we are with the blessings of our ancestors.

Now since they have departed and as per the Hindu culture, a person can not perform any Karma after leaving the body, so it is our duty to make sure that they reside peacefully in the dimensions beyond Earth.

It is for this purpose rather than indulging into materialistic pursuits, we take a pause and remember our ancestors in gratitude and devote our time and resources in doing the deeds that are beneficial for our ancestors rather than making new beginnings during this period.

Not only new investments or dealings in the realty space are avoided during the Pitru Paksha but having any celebrations, vehicle purchase or even buying new clothes is considered inauspicious during this period.

But since realty deals are much more significant that other deals that we make in our lives, so their impact in terms of the gains/losses that they bring is also unparalleled.

As per Vedic Astrology, the future impact of a property purchased or sold depends first and foremost on the Muhurat (time) of that deal. That is, the nature of the time period when the deal was made.

If a deal is made in an auspicious Muhurat, then the deal is bound to bring prosperity in our lives.

However if a deal is struck in an inauspicious Muhurat, then no matter how wise that decision appeared to us, it will prove to be a disastrous deal of our life.

Now imagine a time period when your ancestors are expecting you to perform the rituals that would bring peace to them and inspite of that your indulge into fresh dealings that involve no less than a property sale or purchase.

This action does not bode well with the prosperity factor in a native’s life as according to the Holy Hindu Texts: A person can not prosper as long as his/her ancestors are not at peace.

Therefore, a person who makes realty deals during the Pitru Paksha invites the wrath of Pitru Paksha Dosh in his life.

Hence it is advised to not go for realty dealings or for that matter new sales & purchases of any major kind that could have been otherwise avoided during the Pitru Paksha .

Interestingly, the period of Navratri that follows the Pitru Paksha is considered extremely auspicious for making fresh dealings particularly in the real estate sector as one gets to benefit immensly from any deal after getting the blessings of his/her ancestors by performing Shradh Puja during the Shradh Paksha or Pitru Paksha.

It is because of this, a huge surge in fresh dealings in the real estate sector is witnessed in the period of Navratri that follows the Pitru Paksha.

We urge you to contact Future Point and book a Shradh Puja 2018 for the peace and contentment of your ancestors and fulfill your utmost duty towards them rather than getting involved into realty dealings that can very easily be postponed a bit.

So keep the Pitru Paksha 2018 dates in mind and as per the tithi/date relevant to your ancestor’s Shradh such as: Purnima Shradh 2018, Pratipada Shradh 2018 etc., book you Shradh Puja for the upcoming Pitru Paksha or Shradh Paksha today.

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