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What Is Manglik Dosh and it’s Solution?


In Indian Vedic astrology, high importance is attached to Yoga and Dosha. Both are formed due to benevolent or monovalent placements of planets in a native’s horoscope. The former is highly auspicious, however the later is not desirable.

Since the later can bring difficulties and hardships in a native’s Life. One such example is that of Manglik Dosha or Mangal Dhosha in a horoscope of a native. The effect of Mangal dosha is analysed in detailed at the time of matchmaking for a prospective bride and a groom.  

The Vedic astrology has been used for horoscope match making between the prospective bride and the groom, since time immoral. This practise has been considered sacrosanct to check the various factors of compatibility between the two of them.

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One such aspect has been to check the eight-fold paraments, called as Ashtakoot method, between the prospective bride and the groom. Under this method, the following eight parameters have been checked in detailed. This includes Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Rashi and Naadi Koota.

These eight parameters consider the nakshatra of the bride and the groom and then decide their compatibility. However, a good and learnt astrologer will not just stop here.

Since, astrology consists of a deeper analysis   and a learnt and expert astrologer would even look up for any Manglik or Mangal dosh. If so, appropriate remedies are suggested post verification.

Let us understand how a Mangal dosha is formed as Manglik or Mangal dosh is given much importance while match making is done. In southern India, it is also known as Kuja Dosha. A Manglik or Mangal dosh usually is seen through the placement of Planet Mars in a native’s horoscope.

यह भी पढ़े: सावन में हरी चूड़ियाँ व हरे कपड़े पहनने का क्या है महत्व

Especially when the placement of Mars is in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th form the ascendant or Moon sign of the native’s horoscope. The degree of seriousness of Manglik dosh would warry from one horoscope to the other. Hence, it is very important to check how severe is the Mangal dosh, apart from mere checking for the dosha. Accordingly, before marriage, appropriate remedies for manga dosha should be prescribed.

In certain case, Manglik dosh or Mangal Dosha remedies after marriage is also suggest. This is seen when proper match making is not carried out prior to marriage. Thus, only a learnt and expert astrologer can evaluate a Manglik dosha or Kuja dosha effect after marriage.

If a Manglik dosha is not addressed accordingly, then it can lead to poor marital relationship between the couples. Hence it is very important to address these points for a happy married life.

In fact, we at Future Point, a team of expert and learnt astrologers, have been practising the subject for the past 3 decades. We have put together the following piece of remedies for Manglik dosha remedies by astrological method.

जरूर जानिए: वास्तु का हमारे जीवन पर प्रभाव क्यों और कैसे पड़ता है।

Over the year, with our experienced team, we have listed out the various remedies which can be practised for reducing the effects of Manglik dosha. These remedies include both pre and post marriage solutions. Readers can check them out accordingly.

  • Marriage between two Manglik individuals. This is the most common remedy. However, this is not the only remedy. Since, this is possible when the Mangal dosh between the prospective bride and the groom is of mild in nature.     
  • Kumbh Vivah this is a very potent remedy if the Manglik dosh is severe. Here the native who suffers from Manglik Dosh (sever in degree) is advised to marry a banyan or banana tree.  By doing so, the severe dosha is reduced considerably. Post which, the prospective bride and groom can marry each other.
  • Fasting. This is another method where the prospective bride and the groom are advised to carry out fasting. This is post-match-making and the Mangal dosha is analysed. The native is advised to fast for 41-Tuesdays continuously. After this time frame, the two are allowed to marry each other.   
  • Chanting: This is again a good remedy advised to the native suffering from Mangal Dosha. Here the prospective bride or groom are advised to chant mantras or shlokas or even stotras for an extended period of time. Usually post marriage. By doing this, the person is relieved form the dosha completely. E.g: Hanuman chalisa, Durga chalisa, Subramanian Swamy Mantra etc.,
  • Performing Pujas in Temples: This is again a very powerful remedy to negate Mangal Dosha in a native’s horoscope. Here, the native is advised to perform Pujas in temple and then they can be relieved from the Mangal dosha completely.
  • Offerings and contributions: Some time, to please lord Mars, one would also have to donate food and other alms to the poor and the needy. For this, one would have to offer on Tuesdays of every week some food and alms outside any temple. This will too negate the side effects immediately.
  • Gemstones or Amulet: This is another form of reducing the negative effects of Mangal Dosha. Here a native suffering from Mangal Dosha is either advised to wear a Red Coral or any Amulet that signifies Planet Mars. This will reduce their ill effects in the native horoscope.

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