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Top Tricks to Clean your Carpet and do not go Flying

Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that if you do not clean your carpet well, there comes a day when you get angry and fly away? Yes, or they have told us. We, in case the flies, prefer that it is well cleaned, to keep it for a long time and leave all the guests speechless. So that you also have a carpet of ten, we leave you with the tricks you have to follow to clean your beloved carpet.

Trick 1: Vacuum always

If you are one of those who vacuums once a month as if it were an unknown and spatial object, wrong! If you want to keep your carpets clean it is very important that you vacuum both sides and do it several times a week, especially if you have pets!

In this way you will prevent the particles from accumulating and promoting the appearance of mites: the famous enemies of allergies.

Trick 2: We teach you how to clean fast and furious carpets

If your guests are arriving and your carpet is still full of stains, it’s time to take action! This trick is very simple and will be useful to clean all kinds of carpets in a very short time (minutes!).

How can you eliminate so much stain before your guests arrive? Easy

Add 100ml of ammonia with one litter of warm water and take the mixture to a spray bottle.

Spray the contents on the carpet and fry carefully with a brush.  It is not necessary that you dry it, let it ventilate a while and you will see how clean it is!

Trick 3: How to clean a carpet that smells bad

If you have an old carpet at home that gives off a smell like rancid, do not worry. You already know that we love you and that we try to bring you all possible solutions, baby.

Here goes a remedy that does not fail. And, besides, it’s really easy.

Spread the carpet on the ground and sprinkle with salt. Next, roll it slowly so that it is close together, leaving the minimum possible spaces.

Wait for a day and finally inhale the remains of salt. Aspiring the salt, you will also suck the bad smell of old.

Trick 4: How to remove stains and leave the carpet impeccable

If you have a carpet full of rebellious spots, this trick is for you. And for your carpet.

You just have to apply warm water mixed with baking soda or oxygenated water on the stains.  Let the product work and wipe it with an absorbent cloth.

Attention! The stains do not become increasingly large, it is very important that you clean the carpet stains give yourself the edge inward.

We hope that these super tricks will help you so that your carpet is impeccable and does not fly through the dirt.

If you also have your tricks to clean carpets, do not hesitate to leave us a comment and surprise us with your savoir-faire.

By the way! If you are fatal to carpet stain cleaning or do not clean directly, you can always hire a Cleaning Unlimited to help you with the task. We promise you they are the best. ?

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