How to wear the Trench?


The trench coat is a basic overcoat, ideal for mid-season. His advantage is to go to all silhouettes: he stuffs the smallest while knowing to benefit the more round.

Here’s everything you need to know about the trench, how to choose it according to your silhouette, what color to adopt and where to get it.

1) Choose the right trench cut according to your morphology

The “trench” garment was invented by Thomas Burberry in 1914 and had for decades a military vocation. There are essential and intrinsic characteristics to the trench, be sure to check that the one you are heading for has these characteristics:

  • structured shoulders
  • buttonhole military and contrasting style
  • thong belt
  • officer collar

For the length, everything depends on your size. If you are rather small, the best will be to opt for a trench cut mid-thigh see 10 cm below the buttocks. If you are taller, you can opt for a cut trench at the knee or see 10 cm below it. Anyway, the trench coat is a long overcoat, no question of choosing it short.

The “skirt” of your trench must also be chosen with care. Depending on your morphology, choose a straight cut or more flared. If you do not know your figure, I invite you to read my article to dress according to its silhouette to discover what is yours and to dress in function.

If you have a little hip, opt for a straight cut, but if you have stronger shoulders and narrow hips, choose a cut “peplum” with a flared or slightly wrinkled shape.

The same goes for the trench sleeves, there are two types of sleeves: straight sleeves or raglan sleeves. The straight sleeves are cut on the shoulder, the raglant sleeves are attached to the collar of the trench. The smallest of the top will opt for the straight sleeves that structure the shoulders with or without shoulder pads, however if you have more shoulders and / or chest, opt for raglantes sleeves that rebalance the silhouette as below. This sleeve goes up to the neckline and does not include epaulettes will harmonize the top of your body, ideal for the silhouettes in V.

The collar must also be chosen according to your morphology , opt for a structured collar and more important if you have little shoulders like the silhouette in A, and instead opt for a smaller collar to rebalance your strong shoulders or chest if you have a silhouette in V.

2) Bet on the right trench color according to your skin tone

Which color should you choose for your trench? Among all the colors on offer, I invite you to make the difference by limiting yourself to the classic colors of the trench. Opt for beige, camel or khaki. Avoid at all costs black, too connoted gothic, prefer at this time there a beautiful navy blue. Escape from the garish colors that will not fit this room.

Remember that beige and camel tones combine very easily with other colors. You can opt for khaki or navy blue only if you have a beige or camel trench in your wardrobe.

In order to choose the beige complexion, opt for a simple rule: browns and matte skins can afford slightly rosier shades, blondes and light-skinned chestnuts will move to more sandy colors.

3) Play with the trench belt

The belt is the highlight of the trench. It marks the size and therefore feminizes silhouette vote.

There are many ways to wear your trench, all while playing with the belt of it! If you want a very structured look, tie the belt as it should, i.e. in the loop of it.

You can also just tie the belt of a double knot in front. You can choose to button the trench or leave it open, then tie the belt for a chic and casual look at a time.

You can also tie the belt of your trench in the back to modernize and bend it. This is called belting a trench “martingale”. To do this close your trench, then tie the belt with a double knot in the back taking care that it is not too perfect while falling down the silhouette (an art!). Then open your trench, and here it is perfectly cut to your silhouette.

Finally, for the more adventurous, remove the belt and put instead a printed scarf of your choice. Tie it at the back or front to stylize your trench. Be careful to choose a large scarf and carefully fold it, the nooks inside to make a harmonious belt. Perfect to bring a touch of color to your outfit and change your classic trench coat!

4) Harmonize the trench to your outfit

In order to wear your trench, you have two solutions: play on the contrasts or play the classic cloakroom game with beautiful basics.

In order to play the contrasts, wear your trench at the front with jeans worn a little worn at the ankles, low sneakers and thin style “running” or Converses and a white T-shirt you rolled up the sleeves. You can borrow the cardigan of your man and come to sublimate the whole by a big necklace and a beautiful lipstick. Feel free to search the locker room of your man, you will find ideas of outfits!

If you’re ever in a classic mood, go for a wrap dress or a tight dress that’s perfect for work. Put on your coral or printed pumps and make a nice banana bun a little blurry.

If you think that the buns are hard to achieve and that it is not for you, I advise you to read my article 5 ways to make a beautiful bun to make you change your mind. Put on pretty pearls in your ears and put on a line of eye liner “cat eye” to modernize this look. Wear your sunglasses, and you look like a femme fatale.

5) Which trench to buy according to your budget

If you have a large budget:

I can only advise you to invest in quality for this timeless piece that you can wear from one year to another without any problem. You’ll understand, in my opinion, trench rhymes with Burberry. But how to find yourself at the famous brand?

Avoid the classic “Brit” category with unattractive materials, and focus on the “London” collection for its timeless colors and cut quality.

Finally, if you have a little more budget and love of detail, it is to the collection “Prorsum”, more creative, that you must lead. Crazy details such as leather or tweed, metal belts or embroidered or very pretty buttonholes make the trench a true fashion accessory.

If you have little budget:

Stay at British retailers and bet on the Topshop brand to discover in London, or online. What is good at Topshop is that they offer all weather and all seasons trenches, to you to identify the one that will be the fairest by applying the advice seen just above.

Do you already have a trench? How do you wear yours? Finally, I want to remind you that the trench is worn on all occasions. Perfect to go to work, it is also laid back for the weekend or sophisticated to go out at night. A must-have for your wardrobe!

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