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Aviation Academy

Dreaming of touching the sky but worrying about the wings? Fly Universe is where we give your dreams wings and help you achieve your best flight career. If you can dream of flying then we can let you fly.

All you need is a desire to achieve excellence and get the best aviation training academy in India. We are a fully functional pilot school in Chennai where you can find all aviation courses at reasonable prices. We are the flight school in Chennai and they provide quality practical training for New Zealand students.

  • Personal training

Our airplane academy will offer all students extra care outside and outside the class, making them ready for the pilot.

  • Soft skills

Our Aircraft Academy offers students the opportunity to learn the latest in technology and soft skills, including communication, awareness and problem-solving.

  • Placement guarantee

Our job is not just about getting certified. We do our best to get you into the world’s top airlines.

Aerospace Academy

Our aviation academy program has first-rate materials that we developed in collaboration with the world’s best aviation academies. Most of our students pass the exam.

Chennai Best Aviation Academy professional and sound trainer

With a skilled and knowledgeable team of coaches and trainers, you can bring new developments to your career. We have a team of hardworking, technically savvy and professionally trained coaches who do their best to help students throughout the course and ensure that everyone gets the right attention.

Our employees work for each candidate and are addicted to each event with great interest. Our goal is to do our best in the development of your amazing aviation business. Through the difficulties of the course, your trainers can reach you and guide you to excellence. We are helping you to reach the sky above.

100% placement in the best aviation academy in Chennai

We are proud to let our students enter top airlines such as Jet Airways and Spicejet. Our college has created excellent pilots and brought miracles to the aviation community.

Why choose an aviation course?

  • Full access to opportunities in your flight life
  • Trained by skilled and world-class trainers
  • Ensure placement after the course
  • Experience a highly active and energetic career
  • Have a reliable team of professional coaches, ready to guide you
  • Ensure quality training at the best price
  • Receive exclusive training in New Zealand

If you still want to work in aviation, stop thinking and choose us as your mentor because we have proven ourselves to be the best aeronautical college in Chennai! If you have any questions or concerns about our aviation courses or training, please feel free to call our executives. We are happy to answer all your questions.

Our partners

We work with top aviation schools around the world to provide services

Provide students with the best learning materials and practical training.

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