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8 Healthy Purposes to Start the Year on the Right Food


The New Year is the time to stop and reflect and take stock of a long year full of challenges. Have health, work, love … They are the most desired desires when these dates arrive. But why not start by leading a healthier lifestyle? It is impossible for us to feel good and get what we want if we do not exercise, eat healthily or rest properly. These are some habits that you must put into practice if you want to be happier in 2018!

Improve your diet!

Surely your grandmother already told you, but you should remember: what your diet needs is more fruit, vegetables, and vegetables. As a general rule, you have to eat a varied and complete diet: eat everything, but in the right proportions and make five meals a day-you must not spend more than five hours or less than three between meals. And, if you have problems of overweight, it is best to put yourself in the hands of a nutritionist.

Get moving and improve your fitness!

The body is not designed for sitting or lying down too long; so, up! Whether you want to lose weight, tone up your body or be healthy, the excuse of “then I do it” here is not worth it. To have a healthy life you must design a planning training and fulfill it! In Hello! Inform you have many tips from our experts, videos and exercise galleries that will help you achieve your goal.

Get enough sleep and rest!

Experts recommend sleeping between 7 and 8 hours to squeeze the enormous benefits that rest has on our health; Since sleeping less hours translates into fatigue, stress and other health problems associated with lack of sleep, such as damage to cognitive functioning or an increased risk of suffering major ailments such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It is demonstrated that exercise, and fundamentally the aerobic one, help to combat stress. Certain studies confirm that people who perform moderate exercise twice a week rest better and perform better in their daily lives.

Goodbye stress with yoga!

Stress is part of our daily life and we cannot eliminate it completely, but we do learn to manage it so that it does not pass the bill and it reaches to overflow us.

Be aware that stress is nourished by thoughts; your own mind can even generate stress by worrying about things that will never happen. In this sense, the practice of yoga teaches the mind to be an ally instead of an enemy. By doing yoga you get in touch with a happier and calmer inner place, where worldly concerns find their place.


Another of the great tools brought from the East to release the high levels of stress to which we are subjected is meditation. In fact, even some organizations offer meditation and relaxation workshops to their workers. It is a technique to develop our mindfulness, which helps us to clear the mind and empty it of worries and negative thoughts; besides helping to fight dreaded insomnia.

Put the order in your life!

Did you know that getting rid of all those unnecessary things that you accumulate at home helps to bring order to our emotions? The Japanese method Dan-sha-ri with which its creator, Hideko Yamashita, helps us precisely to achieve physical and emotional well-being while we get rid of the junk that is in the house, the clothes that we have left in the cupboards, the books that we piled up in boxes that we never open … even that relationship that we are dragging by habit, but it does not fill us.

Well-being is a matter of attitude

Spend an hour of your time a day doing healthy activities that satisfy you. The day is long and full of tasks, but you must dedicate an hour to yourself: walk, run, go to the gym, dedicate a few hours to painting, cooking something healthy … Maybe it’s time to undertake this new project, focus on In a new goal, look for a new job challenge, make that trip you had pending, etc … The important thing is to clear your mind of any negative energy and connect with yourself.

Get out of your comfort zone!

Going beyond, leaving your ‘comfort zone’ means doing things you’re not used to. It does not matter if it’s in sport, at work, friendship, love … The idea is to dare to break with our usual routines, with comfort, and experience new sensations. And of course, always have fun!

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